Building An Effective Sales Development Team

Sales Development is not new, but with more technology available to make the process easier, it’s becoming a go-to for a lot of B2B companies. It’s an important system to develop as it helps to make your whole sales process, quicker, more efficient, and most importantly, more profitable. Sales development is focused at the beginning of the sales cycle (or the top of the… read more.

How to roll out a successful Social-Selling Program

  Social selling is an art that sales teams need to be trained in to maximise revenue. It was worthwhile for IBM, who saw a 400% increase in sales since implementing their social selling program. In fact, 90% of the most successful sales pros close their deals because of social selling. To convert prospects to leads and change leads to closures, B2B companies need… read more.

5 Important Tips for Value Based Selling

Value Based Selling is the process of understanding and reinforcing the reasons why your product or service is of value to the buyer. It’s an unfortunate fact that many of today’s B2B sales people are still far more comfortable talking about their products than they are discussing business issues. However the average B2B buyer regards a sales person’s relevant business knowledge as being a… read more.

Get an Inside View on Sales

Let me share some helpful tips with you on how to get an inside view on sales teams who are office based. Inside sales are now the primary sales channel to handle inbound leads and the engine that drives social selling. These sales reps have more responsibility and power in the selling process than ever before. So ask yourself, ‘is my company’s inside sales… read more.

Sales Management Tips

Sales Management tips on training that will help create a spirit of achievement in a sales team. The original link between management training and sales people began in the late 1800s when NCR opened the first sales training school after demonstrating their methods at trade shows. While many aspects of sales management have changed in the last couple hundred years, a few things have… read more.

Social Selling Tips of the Month

The importance of social selling in lead generation and the sales process continues to rise. For those new to social selling maybe this explanation might help “Social Selling is a process whereby sales professionals engage and build relationships with decision makers through sharing of content and information”. This can be achieved by subtle input into conversations and publishing articles on the various social media… read more.