Tips for Implementing a Sales Pipeline Management Strategy

Companies that use effective pipeline management grow 15% faster than those with ineffective pipeline management. But what exactly is a sales pipeline? A sales pipeline essentially involves the individual stages within the sales process from qualifying a prospect into a lead to converting the lead into a sales opportunity, until the final closing stage. More often than not, these stages include: prospecting, first contact,… read more.

5 Important Tips for Value Based Selling

Value Based Selling is the process of understanding and reinforcing the reasons why your product or service is of value to the buyer. It’s an unfortunate fact that many of today’s B2B sales people are still far more comfortable talking about their products than they are discussing business issues. However the average B2B buyer regards a sales person’s relevant business knowledge as being a… read more.

Optimize Your Lead Nurturing Strategy

Did you know that 79% of marketing qualified leads (MQL’s) never convert into sales due to a lack of lead nurturing? Given this fact, it may be time to revise your lead nurturing strategy to optimize your selling success, especially since companies that excel at lead nurturing were found to generate 50% more sales (source: Social Media Today). Relying on just email campaigns to… read more.

How the Sales Process Has Changed

The way in which B2B buyers research and buy today demands changes to the sales process. Strategies must adapt to the current ‘online generation’. Sales people can no longer focus on just their actions. Today, the sales process needs to be a collaboration. It’s about finding leads that are the right fit for your service early in the process, then helping your prospect gain… read more.

How to be a Lead Genius

A real lead genius knows that selling is a game of metrics and ratios. Basically, more leads when added to sales training = more sales. Lead generation is one of the most important activities that any business can undertake. Because without leads there are no sales. Therefore, a lead genius is, by extension, also a sales genius! But if you were to ask a… read more.

Powerful Sales Techniques You Probably Haven’t Tried Before

If you are finding it tough to think of new ways to sell or prospect, let me share some powerful sales techniques you probably haven’t tried before. They might just give you an edge on your competition. 1) Learn How to Speak So That People Want To Listen Leading sound and communications expert Julian Treasure performed a TED Talk on “how to speak so… read more.

Customer Acquisition Is Harder Than You Think

Customer acquisition is harder than you think. That’s right, the thing that seems so blatantly obvious and crucial to business success is also the most difficult and, surprisingly, the most overlooked when it comes to evaluating business ideas. Hypothetically, let’s say that you start up a new business that sells what you consider to be the greatest new product on the market today. Product… read more.

Upgrade Your Team to the Sales Loft

As a sales manager, you want to do everything you can to boost your sales team’s productivity, performance and success. Upgrading your team from the sales basement to the sales loft is not just about having the right selling techniques and training. It is also about: – The company’s culture – The right tools – The right technology. As a sales manager or leader,… read more.

5 Benefits of Social Selling

You might still be on the fence about social selling and whether it is right for your business. You keep hearing great things. You hear that your business will benefit from it, that it will set your business apart in the current digital era. Yet surprisingly, only 31% of sellers currently use social to sell, despite continuous studies proving that sales professionals active on… read more.

Get an Inside View on Sales

Let me share some helpful tips with you on how to get an inside view on sales teams who are office based. Inside sales are now the primary sales channel to handle inbound leads and the engine that drives social selling. These sales reps have more responsibility and power in the selling process than ever before. So ask yourself, ‘is my company’s inside sales… read more.