Are you sending spam?

All digital sellers know the importance of the sales email. It’s one of the best way to establish a relationship with your leads, allowing them to be updated on what’s going on with your business and field while also inviting them into interaction with your brand. But for any of this to have an effect your lead has to actually read it, and that’s… read more.

What to Say to Close the Deal

So you’ve done a great job of harvesting your lead. They know what your product can contribute, what the impact of implementing it will be in their budget and there’s only one thing left. This is the point where your time and effort should pay off and takes you one step closer to hitting your quota. But if you think you’l be simply walking… read more.

Sales Leaders Reveal the Future of Social Selling

  In today’s fast-moving industry, it’s hard to see where the future of digital selling will lead. With social selling rising to become a trend leader in a matter of years, a collection of the most qualified minds made their predictions on the Salesforce Series Pass Webcast of how social selling will evolve as it becomes the standard and what approach businesses can follow… read more.

How can you convert your content into sales leads?

Content marketing is now the standard in today’s marketing practices. Sales leaders have pushed content as one of the most important aspects of today’s digital marketing, but it’s one thing for your business to produce content and quite another for your content to have the ability to produce sales. It’s important to factor in content marketing is the reality that millions of blog articles and… read more.

Digital Selling: How ready is your business?

When developing your digital selling campaign, it’s best to understand that you’re starting from zero. No matter how advanced your traditional sales department is, you will often find that what works in that field will carry no weight and efforts to translate your current sales level in a digital market will more often than not all on deaf ears. Below is a list of… read more.

The Skills Sales Leaders Need for Social Selling

  Social Selling is becoming an undeniable force in the sales industry. The once wary views of social media as an empty medium of passive interaction has faded as more and more sales leaders understand the scope that a well done social selling campaign can reach. Social selling has presented sellers with an opportunity to understand their customer base on a personal level. It provides… read more.

The Dawn of Social Selling

90% of top sales professionals use social selling to boost their sales. Social selling is the new marketing campaign that utilises online relationships to bring in new clients and constantly grow profit. Social selling is like picking low-hanging fruit because customers on social media are already 57% progressed on their sales journey. Let’s take a look at some of the success seen by some… read more.

Five Ways to Prospect Effectively

Prospecting is an important part of outbound marketing for social selling, so it is important that the best people are carrying it out. While many businesses and B2B inside sales teams choose to group sales and prospecting into one role (i.e. the general salesperson), it is actually more beneficial for both your customer and your business to break up prospecting and sales into separate… read more.

How Customer Intelligence Boosts Sales

The information age is upon us, and it isn’t slowing down. Modern times call for the use of customer intelligence if one wishes to be successful in reaching customers. As the market becomes more and more competitive, and potential buyers become decreasingly loyal, sales people are going to need additional tools to reach their targets effectively. Fortunately, there is something called social media that… read more.