5 Tips to Help You Up Your Social Media Game

  Social media is one of the most important tools in your marketing belt. It’s a great way to connect with your current customers as well as generate new ones through sharing content and information about your products and industry. 52% of online adults have at least two social media sites, and 90% of 18-29 year olds use social media. It’s difficult not to… read more.

3 Steps to Optimise LinkedIn for Digital Selling

Digital selling is fast becoming the best way to sell in today’s market. Customers don’t want to be bombarded with sales pitches anymore, they want a more personalised approach and this is exactly what digital selling does. It makes it easier for sales and marketing to identify and nurture leads through platforms like social media. Facebook and Twitter are definitely useful from a digital… read more.

The Mistakes Digital Sellers Make On LinkedIn

For digital sellers, LinkedIn has become a valuable resource for gaining ad fostering sales leads. It provides a perfect opportunity to showcase your background and knowledge of your field and with its professional background allows for you to build relationships with colleagues who share your ambition. For those utilising LinkedIn correctly, it can be vastly rewarding and an easy way to build a base… read more.

How To Build Solid Online Relationships that Keep Customers Coming Back

                                                                Having strong online relationships is key to gaining and keeping customers. It’s about developing and nurturing trust between your business and your customer. A more personal approach is always going to garner more loyalty than merely pushing sales pitches. Here are some tips on how to build these kinds of online relationships to… read more.

A Simple Guide to Digital Selling on Twitter

It was once a common misconception that Twitter isn’t a great place for brands to sell, but overtime it’s been proven to be very successful in the realms of digital selling and lead generation. It’s said that B2B marketers with Twitter accounts produce twice the amount of leads than marketers without Twitter accounts. Not only that, but 67% of Twitter users are more likely… read more.

Social Selling to Dominate E-Commerce

Businesses that sell on social media platforms are winning big. Using e-commerce in Facebook gave a $15,000 increase in revenue for MVMT Watches in just three months. One tweet for NBA championship merchandise made over $125,000 revenue. With 4% of page visitors making online purchases, it is time to capitalise on social networks. So let’s take a look at how the leading platforms convert sales.   Facebook… read more.

How to Effectively Sell On Social Media

Social media has changed everything about selling. Social selling is now one of the most effective ways to promote a brand. According to the nearly 64% of people using social media to sell “they experienced a significant growth in their business sales”. This is in contrast to the near 42% of sales teams not using social selling as part of their customer interaction. Selling… read more.

Social Media Drives Inbound Marketing Effectiveness

“What marketing strategy should I use?” you may ask yourself. In a context where the question of whether Outbound marketing or Inbound marketing is more effective. Outbound marketing (which consisted of traditional advertising and push techniques) is slowly declining or not really considered in today’s fast paced marketing environment. Business and marketing leaders can’t lose time not taking advantage of what makes buyers and… read more.

An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Does your content marketing strategy find it challenging to create and publish content that engages with your target customers? As digital becomes the dominant marketing channel, in order to increase brand exposure and have effective lead generation online then a strong content marketing strategy is required. Most social media plans are dependent on one factor, the creation and delivery of relevant, engaging content that… read more.