Are you sending spam?

All digital sellers know the importance of the sales email. It’s one of the best way to establish a relationship with your leads, allowing them to be updated on what’s going on with your business and field while also inviting them into interaction with your brand. But for any of this to have an effect your lead has to actually read it, and that’s… read more.

What digital sellers need to know about business

As a digital seller it’s important to know your product inside and out. But you also have to know the difference between informing your lead about your product and actually selling it. It’s risky ground to simply think that your product can sell itself, regardless of its quality, so take some time to check out these helpful business tips below to develop your business… read more.

How to define yourself as a Digital Seller

Digital Sellers know what it takes to secure a sale. They present the problem to their lead and then emphasise that their product is important enough to fix their problem. It’s obviously more complicated than that, but from this general template sellers face a more daunting task in securing sales- each other. The competition between sellers is the toughest part of digital selling and… read more.

What not to do when engaging your leads

One of the earliest of accomplishments for digital sellers is gaining leads. They have crafted content and defined their brand to the point where they have built an audience to harvest sales. The next step is making sure that hard work isn’t wasted. It’s one thing to gain leads and quite another to engage and build a fruitful relationship with them. Below are some… read more.

Sender Score: The metric that keeps 72% of emails out of your inbox

  While email has become the standard of communication, people leave the majority of messages they have received unread, oftentimes without even reading the subject. Due to the filtering services provided by most email clients, long gone are the days of digging through dodgy spam messages for important messages, with specific folders now designating what is important and what is promotional material, social media,… read more.

How to find the leads that will turn into sales

As a digital seller you will find that most of the hours you spend will be devoted to nurturing and developing leads. By gaining their trust as a valuable resource for information, your hope is to build a base of leads that will turn to you and your business when it comes time to buy. But while that seems easy, it is never simple… read more.

Online Client Relationships: how your eCommerce company can ensure satisfaction and gain repeat business

In this digital selling lead generation, we often find that convenience of online purchases include a tradeoff with a certain coldness that comes from a transaction through a computer screen. Today’s sales leaders understand this and have taken steps to develop a more create a friendlier environment for digital consumers, thus building closer relationships and brand loyalty that can overlap even the ease of… read more.

What to Say to Close the Deal

So you’ve done a great job of harvesting your lead. They know what your product can contribute, what the impact of implementing it will be in their budget and there’s only one thing left. This is the point where your time and effort should pay off and takes you one step closer to hitting your quota. But if you think you’l be simply walking… read more.

Engagement: How to Make the most of your Content

The best digital sellers know that producing quality content is important to generate leads, but it’s just as important to make sure that your content stands out. Your competition possesses just as much talent as you do, never be so arrogant as to think that writing up a good article is enough. When leads browse online, they are flooded with so much content that… read more.

What is social selling and what is its role in digital selling?

Social selling is one of the hottest buzzwords in marketing right now. In just a few years the concept has been taken by sales leaders and placed at the forefront of the increasingly dominant idea of digital selling. But what exactly is social selling? And how is it different from digital selling, if at all? Social selling has to be understood as a concept… read more.