Reaching the Right Prospects with a Buyer Persona

If you’re not sure who you are selling to, then why are you selling to them? In order to really engage potential buyers for meaningful sales conversations, your sales team must first clearly establish a buyer persona. You might have an idea of the overall market to which you’re targeting, but there’s an important saying from Business Network International that really applies in this… read more.

Biggest Social Selling Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are a lot of easy mistakes sales reps can make when social selling. The temptation is to use the same strategy and techniques you would use when making a cold call or sending cold emails, but that’s the equivalent of shouting with loudspeaker in a business meeting. Irritating and completely ineffective for socializing. Reports show that 78% of salespeople using social media outsell… read more.

How Salespeople Can Utilize Market Intelligence

Salespeople miss out on a huge opportunity when they do not utilize market intelligence. Marketing teams gather a lot of information and social data about the leads they generate, much of which is made available to the sales department to make their jobs a little easier. But it seems utterly pointless collecting this data if nobody actually, well, uses it. And then all that… read more.

Is Sales Becoming Too Automated?

With the widespread adoption of sales force automation and CRM in recent years, it is probably a good time to stop and ask: Is sales becoming too automated? What is the purpose of sales reps? Do we even need them anymore? A rhetorical question, but the expectations we should have with automation are worth looking at. Sales automation software/services are definitely a valuable investment… read more.