Social Media Lead Generation Tool is Launched

Connectors Marketplace officially launches its “Automated Lead Generation Tool” and “Social Selling” solutions to help B2B sales and marketing professionals leverage social media to identify their target audience, scale up prospect engagement and fill the sales funnel. Delivered as a SaaS service, it allows sales, marketing and demand generation professionals to identify, connect and engage with prospects based on social network activity. “We can… read more.

Free Trial User Guide

Download the Connectors marketplace users guide to help you during your free trial on our social media lead generation and social prospecting tool. Taking Advantage of Free Sales Leads Click here to download the Lead Generation User Guide The best advice for all our new customers is just go ahead and start, do not be afraid to make some mistakes as it takes time… read more.

Tips to Improve Your Sales Process

Any company’s sales process has to evolve but with the rapid change in the buyer’s journey many sales leaders are finding the processes need to go through a fine tune. A good builder relies heavily on the architect. They provide the expertise to make a building strong and beautiful. In addition, they have defined steps in the building process for the builder to follow… read more.

Social Media Drives Inbound Marketing Effectiveness

“What marketing strategy should I use?” you may ask yourself. In a context where the question of whether Outbound marketing or Inbound marketing is more effective. Outbound marketing (which consisted of traditional advertising and push techniques) is slowly declining or not really considered in today’s fast paced marketing environment. Business and marketing leaders can’t lose time not taking advantage of what makes buyers and… read more.