Sales Management Tips

Sales Management tips on training that will help create a spirit of achievement in a sales team. The original link between management training and sales people began in the late 1800s when NCR opened the first sales training school after demonstrating their methods at trade shows. While many aspects of sales management have changed in the last couple hundred years, a few things have… read more.

An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Does your content marketing strategy find it challenging to create and publish content that engages with your target customers? As digital becomes the dominant marketing channel, in order to increase brand exposure and have effective lead generation online then a strong content marketing strategy is required. Most social media plans are dependent on one factor, the creation and delivery of relevant, engaging content that… read more.

Lead Generation Software Tools

The increased focus on ‘Lead Generation’ has resulted in companies plugging tools and software which claim to automate the Lead Gen process. Firstly, we should begin by explaining some misconceptions surrounding Lead Generation software, as the term has been hijacked somewhat. Marketing Automation and CRM Platforms are NOT Lead Generation Tools. These are in fact activities used to manage or nurture the leads –… read more.