Using Social Data to Leverage Generation C

One of the ways to grow your brand on social media is to use the huge amount of social data to target a new demographic. So, what about Generation C? Contrary to popular belief, Generation C is not some demographics in alphabetic order such as Y (people born 1980 to late 1990s) and Z (people born early 2000s and on), but it is composed… read more.

Social Selling Tips of the Month

The importance of social selling in lead generation and the sales process continues to rise. For those new to social selling maybe this explanation might help “Social Selling is a process whereby sales professionals engage and build relationships with decision makers through sharing of content and information”. This can be achieved by subtle input into conversations and publishing articles on the various social media… read more.

Sales Prospecting Guide

Even with the rapid growth in big data and social media – sales prospecting or social prospecting is still a critical component in the sales process. So what has changed when it comes to finding leads today? Well sales prospecting has become “social prospecting” where sales people research their prospects accessing data on the social media channels. Prospecting does not stop at connection requests… read more.