How to Improve Lead Nurturing with Social Media

Sales and selling is changing rapidly; to improve the vital “lead nurturing” sales activity we have to learn the impact social media is having on business today. Lead nurturing is an often undervalued or even misunderstood sales activity in terms of time and effort. Social media has now become the go to channel in lead generation so it is critical that every sales person… read more.

How to Improve Sales Close Rates

In order to improve sales close rates and drive up return on investment takes time, not to mention better use of sales resources. In selling, the ratio of leads that do not convert to sales may suggest that buyers are unconvinced that you are knowledgeable of the products or services they require. So how can salespeople improve their sales closing rates? Here are some… read more.

Using Social Selling Tools to Improve Sales Pipeline

Using social selling tools are not only a fantastic way to build a sales pipeline but they also play a big part in managing the pipeline with insights and social updates to help improve win rates. Every sales organization needs a constant stream of new opportunities along with having social insights into existing opportunities in the pipeline. In the past CRM tools have done… read more.

Putting the Social into Selling

Today social selling and using the power of social media is how sales people do their networking, information sharing and in many cases the initial customer interaction. For sales teams putting the social into selling is paying rich dividends. The internet and growth of social media channels are providing sales people with a multitude of new ways in lead generation, to identifying prospects and… read more.

Sales Success Tactics

Sales success tactics is all about how to acquire more customers and grow the revenue or profit each customer brings into the business. One of the biggest challenges facing sales management is how do they increase the sales selling time. Sales people need to be active in productive sales actions like lead generation, lead nurturing, social selling and closing deals and not dragged into… read more.