Lead Generation Online

Lead generation online using the social networks and social media can pay dividends to almost any business. However generating sales leads online requires marketing support with content, whitepapers, case studies and promotional offers not to mention sales tools. In terms of sales time or effort, generating leads can account for almost 50 percent of a sales force time and this part of the sales… read more.

Customer Acquisition Cost

The customer acquisition cost to a business will include such metrics as “cost per lead” “cost per click” or “cost per qualified customer engagement”. The cost of customer acquisition in terms of marketing spend and sales effort is often underestimated in business plans yet to is critical for any new business growth. Controlling the customer acquisition cost as part of the sales process directly… read more.

Social Media Sales Tools

How to use Social media sales tools to fill the sales pipeline There is no doubt that Social Media is a potentially lucrative sales tool for businesses to generate leads. Having said that, Social Media is also an ever changing, confusing and sometimes downright disorientating channel for business.  The main issues for sales and marketing people who use social media for lead generation is… read more.