Using Social Media for Lead Generation

Lead generation is crucial for creating relationships with potential buyers and is often considered the most difficult stage of the sales process. It’s important to establish a basis of knowledge so that both you and your lead are on the same page. We should then have something to offer a potential buyer based on their needs. By Lauren Bongiani.   In an age where Social… read more.

Social Selling within sales

Social Selling is a set of techniques sales people develop to achieve remarkable results using Social Media. By using Social Media to find influencers and prospects we speed up customer acquisition, reduce the cost per lead and accelerate sales efficiency. Using Social Media for profiling, prospecting, networking and engaging we increase Social Selling opportunities and capture more business. Social Media lead generation helps sales… read more.

Using Social Media for Customer Acquisition

Social Media lead generation is a powerful customer acquisition tool when used effectively. Using Social Media to generate sales leads can reduce marketing spend & cost per lead, increase ROI and maximize selling time. Targeting potential buyers and prospects across Social Media platforms is fast becoming a core lead generation activity but companies frequently waste resources on the wrong social prospects. Companies use Social… read more.

Connectors CEO Kevin Neary speaks at CeADAR ‘Big Data Analytics – Technology’s Hottest Trend’ events in Dublin and Cork.

CeADAR, the Centre for Applied Data Analytics, has held a series of open days in Dublin and Cork, focused on demonstrating how it can transform information or ‘big data’, into insight and into value for its industry partners. The event entitled ‘Big Data Analytics: Technology’s Hottest Trend’ included a series of prototype demonstrations along with a numbers of speakers from industry and academia.  … read more.